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Deputy - Counterdrug and Homeland Security (DOMH) 

Deputy - Counterdrug and Homeland Security (DOMH) - Maj. Jan S. Ostrat

Asst Counterdrug Officer - U.S. Customs - Maj. James W.Hottois (IAOD)
Asst Counterdrug Officer - U.S. Coast Guard - Lt. Col. Gerald B. Rohles (IAOD)
Asst Counterdrug Officer - U.S. DEA - Capt. John S. Watt (IAOD)
Administrative Officer - Maj. Jennifer A. Waite
Personnel Administrator - Maj. Kevin J. McDowell
Training Officer - Lt. Col. Eugene P. Wolf (IAOD)
Transportation Officer - Lt. Col. James R. McDermott
Counter Drug Mission Managers:
Lt. Col. John E. Findley (IAOD)
Lt. Col. Craig P. Gallagher
Lt. Col. Randall F. Gibson (IAOD)
Lt. Col. Stephen L. Huss (IAOD)
Lt. Col. James R. McDermott
Lt. Col. Jon C. Meyer (IAOD)
Lt. Col. Gerald B. Rohles (IAOD)
Lt. Col. Eugene P. Wolf (IAOD)
Maj. John D. Genduso (IAOD) 
Maj. James W. Hottois (IAOD) 
Maj. Roy A. Knight (IAOD) 
Maj. Jan S. Ostrat 
Maj. James R. Redmon (IAOD) 
Capt. Thomas R. Barbre (IAOD) 
Capt. John S.Watt (IAOD)
Maj Eric L. Krause (IAOD)



The California Wing Counter Drug Section provides management and over-site of services provided to Law Enforcement Agencies that are tasked with drug enforcement operations in the state of California.

CAP is limited to air operations. Cadet and Ground team operations are not authorized.

Application for Counterdrug Participation

Members wishing to participate must have been a CAP member for a minimum of 2 years.

The application process starts with the member submitting a form 83 to the Wing CDO. This document is reviewed and approved by the Wing Commander and forwarded to National for FBI review and National approval. This process takes approximately 8 weeks.
Once approved, the approval will show up on the members SQTR. The member then needs to take the online training and test. Once passed, the members SQTR will show as qualified and the member is cleared to participate on CD missions.

The Form 83 is to be a computer filled on a single sheet (double sided) with a wet signature.

The completed form should be mailed to the Wing Counterdrug Officer:

Maj. Jan Ostrat
2361 Morrison Lane
Fairfield, CA 94534
Member Participation

USBP mission staffing at Imperial is coordinated by the Group Counterdrug Officer. A Group rotation schedule is established at the beginning of the year and members wishing to participate should contact their Group CD Officer for assigned operations dates. Crews are generally a pilot, and one or two observers or scanners.
USCG and DEA mission crews are selected by the Counterdrug Officer for the specific operation.


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