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Standardization and Evaluation 

Director – Standardization/ Evaluation (DOV) - Maj Jeffrey Ironfield

Deputy Director - 
Stan/Eval Trend Analyst - Maj. James W. Hottois (IAOD)
Aircraft Info File Coordinator - Capt Jeffrey A. Ironfield (IAOD)
Mountain Training Officer - Capt Jeffrey A. Ironfield (IAOD)
TAA Training Officer - 
NCPSC Coordinator - Capt Thomas F. O'Connor (IAOD)


  1. Manages aircrew standardization and evaluation activities
  2. Develop and implement a check pilot program
  3. Conduct evaluation of check pilot program in subordinate units
  4. Evaluate aircrew techniques and ability using appropriate publications and checklists
  5. Evaluate aircrew techniques in mission planning, briefings, mission execution, and critiques
  6. Perform spot evaluation checks as appropriate
  7. Administer written examination and document flight evaluation checks
  8. Analyze flight evaluation data for trends that indicate changes in the program or additional training needs for individual pilots
  9. Maintain pilot records file for wing check pilots, instructor pilots, and mission check pilots
  10. Maintain a list of approved wing check pilots, instructor pilots, mission check pilots, and cadet orientation pilots
  11. Report twice annually to NHQ and Region through the Wing Trend Analysis reporting program
  12. Administer check flights
  13. Monitor the administration of the accident prevention program
  14. Administer and monitor the CAP/FAA Wings program
  15. Conduct accident investigations involving wing aircraft

None listed.

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