The following Alert Lists are intended for Emergency Services notification and alerting only. Messages received from this list are in support of official AFRCC missions. These messages provide critical information necessary for personnel performing emergency services missions. The primary intent of this list is to support alerting notification via e-mail and alphanumeric wireless devices such as pagers and cellphones. Messages sent to this list should be as short as practical. Most wireless devices have a limitation on message size.

[RED-NORTH]: Encompasses Groups 2 and 5 (INLAND: Stockton and North to the Oregon border, COAST: Monterey North to Oregon border)

[RED-CENTRAL]: Encompasses Groups 4 and 6 (INLAND: San Joaquin/Central Valley, COAST: Monterey south to Santa Barbara)

[RED-SOUTH]: Encompasses Groups 1, 3, 7 and 8 (INLAND: Mojave Desert, Palm Springs and Imperial Valley, COAST: Ventura south to San Diego/Mexican border)

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